Southern India Regional Council of
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

(Setup by an Act of Parliament)

Information Systems Audit Info


This programme enables ICAI members to become world-class Systems Auditors, systems control & security professionals. Technology Consultants and Tech-savvy Finance Executives. It helps them to take on multiple roles, responsibilities and leadership in a complex and rapidly evolving business environment. It provides guidance and support in Information Technology (IT) to governments, corporates, service organisations and society at large, by:

  • Setting learning standards for its members
  • Conducting research in system security, control and audit.
  • Developing Information Systems(IS) audit standards and competencies.
  • Establishing good governance and security practices.


With IT becoming an integral part of the strategic business scenario, the Institute perceives an increase in the use of technology in Finance. The Council of the Institute has commissioned an IT Committee to introduce the Information Systems Audit (ISA) course. The highlights of the course are a contemporary curriculum, industry networking and cutting-edge technology. It focuses on comprehensive development of professional skills, through a well-devised curriculum and training methodology. ISA not only empowers Chartered Accountants to drive information development and system design, but also helps them to understand the finer nuances of system control and evaluation.

With the new challenges threatening the traditional domain, the council of the Institute - by commissioning ISA course - is not just coping with the demands of IT dynamics. It also seeks to leverage technology to enhance the professional skills of its members. The council is widening the scope of professional service to business, government, service organisations and society at large.


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