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Professional Updates

Professional Updates- April 2019

Key Updates under GST law

By CA Annapurna D Kabra


Free samples:Free samples which are supplied free of cost without any consideration do not qualify as supply under GST and Input tax credit shall not be available to the extent, they are used in relation to free samples distributed without any consideration. If the activity of distribution of free samples falls within the scope of supply as per Schedule I of the said Act, then the supplier would be eligible to avail of the Input Tax Credit.

Buy one get one offer: Taxability of such supply will be dependent upon as to whether the supply is a composite supply or a mixed supply and the rate of tax shall be determined as per the provisions of section 8 of the said Act, The Input Tax Credit shall be available to the supplier for the inputs, input services and capital goods used in relation to supply of goods or services or both as part of such offers.

Discounts including ‘Buy more, save more’ offers: The supplier shall be entitled for ITC towards such inputs, input services and capital goods used in relation to the supply of goods or services or both on such discounts. Secondary discounts shall not be excluded while determining the value of supply as such discounts are not known at the time of supply.






Professional Updates- March 2019

Key Updates under Karnataka Commercial Taxes and GST law

By CA Annapurna Kabra

  1. Comprehensive Karasamadhana Scheme2019 under Karnataka Commercial Tax laws


The Karnataka Sales Tax Act 1957,

The Karnataka Value Added Tax Act 2003,

The Central Sales Tax Act 1956,

The Karnataka Tax on Professions, Trades, Calling and Employments Act 1976,

The Karnataka Tax on Luxuries Act 1979,

The Karnataka Agriculture Income Tax Act 1957 and

The Karnataka Entertainment Act 1958.

The Conditions for waiver of penalty and Interest is subject to following conditions

Sl. No


Form No


Applications under KST and CST



Applications under KVAT and CST



Applications under KTEG Act/KTPTC&E/KTL Act/KAIT Act



Applications under KET



Specific penalties under KVAT Act


  1. Notification No FD 37 CSL 2018 Bengaluru dated 04.01.2019

With reference to powers conferred in Section 8-A of KST Act 1957 read with section 21 of Karnataka General Clauses Act the Government of Karnataka reduces the tax payable on the sale of goods as mentioned below

Sl. No

Description of Goods

Rate of Tax





Aviation Fuel



Motor spirit other than above



Piped Natural Gas (PNG)



The following are the Recent key amendments in brief under the GST laws.